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“A stunning hour of piano and electronics from Greg Haines @KingsPlace to close @LIFEM – totally engrossed from start to finish” (Jeremy Dye, UK)

“Thank you so much, everything was so perfect and well organized!” (Sylvain Chauveau, France) (Nov 15)

“Thank you everybody for the nice moment yesterday night in London’s Kings Place. It was one of the very best venues I’ve ever played in.” (Sylvain Chauveau, France) (Nov 15)

“A very beautiful programme!” (Eric Dumond, France) (Aug 15)

“A glittering line-up for those seeking the outer reaches of Minimalism and Electronica today.” (Kings Place’s What’s On magazine, UK) (Jul 15)

“LIFEM, London International Festival of Exploratory Music, has a Minimalist theme this year, featuring key figures in the contemporary scene, including the one-of-a-kind Wim Mertens.” (Kings Place’s What’s On magazine, UK) (Jul 15)

“With boundary-expanding music explorations guaranteed, LIFEM is one of the most inspiring festivals of the moment.” (Kings Place’s What’s On magazine, UK) (Jul 15)

“Exciting streams in contemporary Minimalism at the incomparable London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM), which boasts rare visits from Belgian legend Wim Mertens and iconoclasts Bruno Sanfilippo and Greg Haines.” (Peter Millican, London, UK) (Jul 15)

“What a cool gig this will be!” (Micky Mike, Auckland, New Zealand) (Jul 15)

“Wonderful line up” (Stephen Anthony Brown, UK) (Jul 15)

“Congratulations on another wonderful sounding LIFEM Festival” (Karen Power, Ireland) (Jul 15)

“Damn, nice line up!” (Matthias Kampf, Vienna, Austria) (Jun 15)

“Great program, congratulations!!!” (Jo Aichinger, Glatt & Verkerhrt Festival, Krems, Austria) (Jun 15)

“Excellent show and Ami Koita’s voice is so powerful.” (Georgina George, UK) (Nov 14)

“Great vibe and performance.” (Michael Edwards, UK) (Nov 14)

“The concert finished with a roaring applause that brought Badi Assad back on stage to perform a vocal-improv encore. This was the perfect closing to her set as it was clear that every audience member had been touched by her vitality and warm spirit. It is not often that a performer really manages to bring their personality to the stage, but Badi Assad made you feel like a friend, not just an audience member.” (Teto Parvanov, UK) (Nov 14)

“What a wonderful evening and great festival!” (Mosi Conde, Guinea) (Nov 14)

“What an awesome concert last nigh!” (Alexandra Cunha, Mozambique) (Nov 14)

“I loved the concert was really nice!” (Jose Leonardo, UK) (Nov 14)

“Such a fabulous concert!! To remember!” (Claudia Silva, UK) (Nov 14)

“Phenomenal!” (Teresa Hunt, UK) (Nov 14)

“Wonderful show last night @KingsPlace with @carmensouza” (Steve Smither, UK) (Nov 14)

“Muito obrigado to @carmensouza for a lovely show at @kingsplace last night – truly unique sounds…” (Frederick Bernas, UK) (Nov 14)

“Belated tweet, but @LIFEM with @amadiagne & Amira Kheir was glorious!” (Tej Adeleye, UK) (Nov 14)

“Foi excelente o concerto – vim para casa de alma cheia! Obrigada.” (Alexandra Cunha, Mozambique) (Nov 14)

“Stupendous!!!” (Debbie Golt, UK) (Nov 14)

“Congratulations Miguel Santos again for organising such a Top & wonderful festival in the heart of London: LIFEM!!! Carmen Souza blew my mind with her voice and talented presence on stage. Her musicians are nothing less than world class.” (Claudia Silva, UK) (Nov 14)

“LIFEM festival at Kings Place London last night, stil buzzing from the gig, such a great audience and wonderful venue” (Amadou Diagne, Senegal) (Nov 14)

“What a wonderful festival!” (Ami Koita, Mali) (Nov 14)

“Merci tres fort pour tous ce que vous avez fait!” (Ami Koita, Mali) (Nov 14)

“As ever – a wonderful group of musicians!” (Michèle Francis, UK) (Oct 14)

“This is a wonderful festival where UK based artists and female artists are very prominent in the brilliant programme… the music is beautiful as is the setting… LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music is a bold and welcome initiative.” (Debbie Golt, UK) (Oct 14)

“Very Happy to hear about the ensuing festival. Inspiring variety of artistes.” (Ghatam Vaidyanathan Suresh, India) (Sep 14)

“Don’t know what to do after @womex? Pay a visit to @LIFEM in London, featuring artists from Africa & South America!” (WOMEX) (Sep 14)

“Be curious… be LIFEM!” (Florence Arpin, UK) (Sep 14)

“Loving the @LIFEM 2014 playlist this morning. Looks like another great lineup, and a great way to find new artists.” (Världens Band) (Sep 14)

“I take my hat off to Miguel Santos with the LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music as he has got a wonderful female / male mix with also a great commitment to UK based artists as well as invited ones.” (Debbie Golt, UK) (Aug 14)

“LIFEM is back with 4 days of the hottest music from South of the Equator to warm up your October” (LIFT Festival, UK) (Jul 14)

“Ooh, the line up for @LIFEM at @KingsPlace later this year looks very interesting…” (Steven Johnson, UK) (Jul 14)

“Great programme!” (John Cumming, Serious, UK) (Jul 14)

“You always have interesting programs; this looks like a great festival.” (Lukas Ligeti, USA) (Jul 14)

“Um projeto que vence barreiras.” (Alcino Francisco, UK) (Jun 14)

“This festival is out of this world. It resulted from a bold and creative idea. LIFEM tries hard to break all kinds of barriers. Its inaugural year was 2009 and the music event has already proven it is one of the most challenging happenings of the moment. (…) Serious world class artists are presented by the London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM). (…) Red Orange Arts Agency supports LIFEM, since it is run on a non-profit principle. All the money raised is used to ensure the festival-goers have access to the best possible conditions and line-ups. High standards have been ruling the international music festival since its beginning. (…) Anyone who visits the festival will have an once-in-a-lifetime experience while watching numerous representations of tastes, traditions and rhythms. LIFEM is definitely not your conventional programme. It is the place to hear something you wouldn’t expect to, feel amazed, curious and wanting to discover more and more. You’ll never find one trace of monotony.” (Musicverb, Portugal) (Apr 14)

“LIFEM is out of this world” (Musicverb, Portugal) (Apr 14)

“The festival of a LIFEM-time” (Songlines, UK) (Dec 13)

“If it weren’t for an advert in a recent issue [of Songlines], I wouldn’t have known anything about the LIFEM concerts. There was a wide range of music from Värttinä to Iiro Rantala and the music was really good throughout. I have been to Värttinä concerts before, but the other artists were all new to me so it was great to discover some fantastic music. What was nice about these concerts is that there was a range of musical styles on offer, and the opportunity to discover music that is somewhere else on the spectrum of ‘world music’. If we only listened to music that we knew we were going to like, we would be missing out on some great entertainment.” (Tim Lawrence, Essex, UK) (Dec 13)

“LIFEM is a festival of many styles and flavors, for which it pays to do your autumn trip to London.” (Barka Fabiánová, Full Moon Zine, Czech Republic) (Nov 13)

“Amazing. Gig of the year.” (Tom Bussey, UK) (Nov 13)

“We’re so proud to be involved with @LIFEM” (Kings Place, UK) (Nov 13)

“Congratulations on a very successful curated week” (Amy Sibley-Allen, Kings Place, UK) (Nov 13)

“Amazing show – thank you. Felt like I was in a warm cocoon of beautiful rich music :-)” (Angela Willcox-Kiely, UK) (Nov 13)

“Thank you to Miguel Santos and all those involved in organising the Finnish Line. It was a remarkable four day tour de force and I enjoyed every concert. Great talent and fantastic music. I hope we will see at least some of those musicians here again, especially now that many of us are more aware of their music, and their existence. Thanks again.” (Hannele Weir, UK) (Nov 13)

“Thank you again for the festival, my respect to your enthusiasm and great organisation and hope to go back next year.” (Barka Fabiánová, Czech Republic) (Nov 13)

“Big thanks to Miguel Santos for LIFEM festival. Great event with stunning artists and friendly atmosphere. Lets hope to be there next year.” (Barka Fabiánová, Czech Republic) (Nov 13)

“Heartfelt thanks and congratulations to Miguel Santos for a most enjoyable four evenings of music from Finland” (Paulus Thomson, UK) (Nov 13)

“Thank You for everything. Great work. I loved playing there.” (Iiro Rantala, Finland) (Nov 13)

“Big thanks to Miguel Santos for a wonderful LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music. Perfect place, thrilling line-up! Kiitos!” (Anna Masatova, Czech Republic) (Nov 13)

“Fabulous!” (Paulina Ahokas, Finland) (Nov 13)

“What a great vibe!” (Iiro Rantala, Finland) (Nov 13)

“The greatest event this autumn” (Barka Fabiánová, Czech Republic) (Oct 13)

“Värttinä were fabulous last night!” (Phil Lord, UK) (Oct 13)

“Absolutely amazing!!!” (Anna Masatova, Czech Republic) (Oct 13)

“The gig was a thing of beauty and a joy forever. The sound acoustics lent themselves exquisitely to the sheer richness and profundity of the music.” (Aidan McGee, UK) (Oct 13)

“A truly spectacular gig: best night out in years. Come back soon! Kiitos teille. Kiitos paljon.” (Colin Ford, UK) (Oct 13)

“Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s gig; never thought I would hear a concert hall full of Londoners singing a chorus in Finnish at the top of their voices. Great stuff! Also agree that this is a super venue – the intimacy of a club gig but with the comfort and outstanding acoustics of a great concert hall. The albums are fun – but live – a real treat!” (Tony Morris, UK) (Oct 13)

“Best concert ever!” (Gabriella Dimitrov, UK) (Oct 13)

“What a fantastic evening! Loved every minute! True professionals – been listening for years and 1st time I’ve been able to see a live performance. Well worth the wait!” (John Millican, UK) (Oct 13)

“You were fantastic!” (Ayla Bedri, UK) (Oct 13)

“Awesome! Truly awesome. I did expect a great concert but this was 4 or 5 times better. The band, the vocals, the theatricals, all mindblowing. Great venue too, quite intimate with the best sound acoustics I’ve ever heard. I don’t think I’ve been to a better gig in all my years of gigging. Thanks for playing London and I hope you don’t stay away too long!” (Huggy Harewood, UK) (Oct 13)

“Thank you London, thank you Lifem 2013!!!” (Värttinä, Finland) (Oct 13)

“I am completely addicted to your 5pm show at the moment (especially love the ones you broadcast live over the last few weeks) – its exciting and inspiring, and I’d love to find out a bit more about the music. Is it all made up of the bands who are playing next week at Kings Place? The LIFEM festival looks absolutely amazing…” (Laura Sampson, UK) (Oct 13)

“Wish I could ‘ve been there!” (Eskil Romme, Denmark) (Oct 13)

“Awesome, many of my favorites will be there and wish I could too!!!!!!!!!!” (Sandra Peevers, USA) (Oct 13)

“The Top Ten live events you cannot miss this October in the UK” (Songlines, UK) (Sep 13)

“Grande programa, grandes músicos, grande música.” (Rui Mota, Portugal) (Sep 13)

“A great program” (Andrew Read, Jazz in Europe, Netherlands) (Sep 13)

“We’re inspired by your organisation’s contribution to the Arts in the UK” (Ayumi Fukuda, Zealous, UK) (Sep 13)

“Smashing bill… always liked Jimi Tenor… and a friend put me onto A Vasarat a few years ago… they’re pretty unique! – not to mention the others. Were I in London… great stuff!!” (Steve Henwood, Bath, UK) (Sep 13)

“Man, do I ever wish I could be there! Have a blast y’all.” (Sandra Peevers, USA) (Sep 13)

“A Big Finnish! London’s introduction to the world of Finnish folk!” (Songlines magazine, UK) (Sep 13)

“Finnish party of the year!” (Barka Fabiánová, Czech Republic) (Aug 13)

“Finland’s largest party will be this fall in London…” (Barka Fabiánová, Czech Republic) (Aug 13)

“He’ll yeah. Great line up!” (Sandra Peevers, New York, USA) (Aug 13)

“The line-up for this year’s LIFEM festival is a reflection of the breadth and creativity that can currently be seen in the jazz, folk and world music scenes of Finland. The artists included in the programme have distinctively individual forms of expression, while coming together in a joint passion for exploring new sonic territory. Together they form a pleasant musical experience of what Finland sounds like today.” (Esa-Pekka Salonen, Finland) (Jul 13)

“The festival looks terrific!” (John L. Walters, Guardian, UK) (Jun 13)

“Very nice line-up! Congratulations.” (Costa Peristianis, Ikon Arts, UK) (Jun 13)

“This sounds absolutely amazing!” (Lorraine Carpenter, Different Strings, UK) (Jun 13)

“Looking forward to London LIFEM festival – Great line-up!” (Barka Fabiánová, Czech Republic) (Jun 13)

“Brilliant!” (Anna Mašátová, Full Moon Magazine, Czech Republic) (Jun 13)

“Now in its fifth year Kings Place is incredibly proud to have supported LIFEM from the start. The festival continues to bring new audiences year-on-year with its exciting programme of groundbreaking international artists.” (Peter Millican, Kings Place, UK) (Jun 13)

“LIFEM showcases an unprecedented level of original Finnish talent in the UK and presents the perfect occasion to commemorate our 30th anniversary. We feel truly privileged to be part of The Finnish Line celebrating our music in London.” (Mari Kaasinen, Värttinä, Finland) (Jun 13)

“I’m delighted to be part of LIFEM celebrating Finnish music in London. This time I will revisit my catalogue all the way from the WARP years into new material from my up coming album released later this year. Very Exciting!” (Jimi Tenor, Finland) (Jun 13)

“Tsuumi Sound System will be in London at the beginning of November to play LIFEM festival; a recommended gig.” (Andrew Cronshaw, fRoots, UK) (Jun 13)

“This looks GREAT! Wish I could be there!” (Francis X. Edwards, Mission Folk Music Festival, Canada) (Feb 13)

“SO cool, great bands!” (Mammu Koskelo, Finland) (Feb 13)

“Wow. I’ve just seen on fb that you’ll get Alamaailman and Varttina for LIFEM! Can’t wait!” (Marcin Notecki, Poland) (Feb 13)

“LIFEM was unique in many aspects. In addition to a surprising programme and the selection of a beautiful venue, there was also the excellent organizational aspect; smiling ushers and punctual starting times of the concerts. All together, this made LIFEM a fantastic event. The world exalts Scandinavian crime fiction, but since November, LIFEM visitors love Scandinavian music, too.” (Anna Mašátová, Skandinávský dům, Czech Republic) (Nov 12)

“World Music Event of the Week” (The Independent, UK) (Oct 12)

“It promises to be as otherworldly as the aurora borealis itself.” (Songlines, UK) (Oct 12)

“The line-up looks great and I only wish I could be down there to attend some of it.” (Ailís Ní Ríain, UK) (Oct 12)

“Nice program: cold arctic sound artists warming up our fragile souls! Best wishes London!” (Vitor Joaquim, Portugal) (Oct 12)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music is back at King’s Place with an exciting programme ready to challenge the audience and make it explore new musical territories. This year’s theme Sounds from the Arctic Cool, brings us an interesting line-up of Scandinavian groups, from the dark and electronic to post-rock, shamanistic and indie. Prepare to be surprised!” (World Music Network, UK) (Oct 12)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music’s Sounds From The Arctic Cool promises to be an exciting and exotic festival to be part of. Explore different soundscapes of Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK and discover new sounds created by these world class artists. Learn about new styles of singing and learn about how these artists integrate folk elements into their modern compositions. Come and join the celebration of Sounds From The Arctic Cool at Kings Place, London.” (World Music Network, UK) (Oct 12)

“Wowowow now that seems like a nice event. Gotta check it out!” (Valenten Ov Pyrolysis, France) (Sep 12)

“Congratulations for your fantastic program – what an amazing line-up!” (Jo Aichinger, Glatt & Verkerhrt Festival, Krems, Austria) (Sep 12)

“LIFEM’s fourth celebration of international music” (Songlines, London, UK) (Sep 12)

“Can’t wait for this ‘arctic cool’ festival to begin!” (World Music Network, London, UK) (Sep 12)

“Just wanted to say that LIFEM this year, for me, is fully exploratory. Have not heard about any of these groups …. and I like them all!” (Marta Kostrzewa, London, UK) (Aug 12)

“Thanks for this beautiful music!” (Paul Zveguinzoff, Directeur d’Agir pour sa Santé, France) (Aug 12)

“Awesome, awesome Swedish band playing the LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music at Kings Place, London in November.” (Ian Roberts, UK) (Jun 12)

“Line up already looking good” (Mike Brain, UK) (Jun 12)

“The whole festival looks great!” (David Boyd, Beat Carnival, Belfast, Northern Ireland) (Jun 12)

“Looking forward to it.” (Rakesh K. Mathur, UK) (Jun 12)

“I wish I could be there…” (Min Xiao-Fen, USA) (Jun 12)

“Yes! well done” (Carmen Salas, Alpha-ville Festival, UK) (Jun 12)

“Very nice line up congrats!” (Estela Oliva, Alpha-ville Festival, UK) (Jun 12)

“London and music are virtually synonymous with each other. No wonder, music is being associated with city since the times of yore. The city has created an indelible mark in numerous music genres in the modern music world and has become a popular tourist spot among music lovers around the world. London is the city of world famous musicians and is also popular for its prestigious music schools. Music concerts and festivals are a part of the city’s culture and make it extremely rich… London festivals that are dedicated to music include the Proms, the London Jazz Festival, the London Festival Fringe and the London International Festival of Exploratory Music.” (Music and Accommodation in London, UK) (Jan 12)

“I was in London on 04.nov for this event and I think it was my best decision long time ago. I took a flight from Hanover (Germany) only to see Mari Boine and to have a look on London until going back next day. Beg your pardon, my english is not good, I know and I try to get it better :-) on my visit on 04.nov in London I have seen many friendly people – I will come back again!” (ulf0de, Germany) (Dec 11)

“Thanks for a wonderful festival! We are very pleased!” (Namgar, Buryatia) (Nov 11)

“It was amazing!” (Claudia Aurora, UK) (Nov 11)

“Great line-up this year! Thanks!” (Tim Ferguson, UK) (Nov 11)

“We were impressed by the scale of the festival, number of the different and interesting participants (bands). You make a very big, useful and necessary work. We liked very much your festival and the high quality concert stages you have chosen.” (Namgar, Buryatia) (Nov 11)

“I had a cracking time at the events I went to in this, my first, LIFEM experience. Thanks so much for putting on some incredible concerts at such wonderful venues! (I’m gushing a little bit, I know, but it’s been brilliant!!). Already looking forward to the next one :)” (Michael Brain, UK) (Nov 11)

“#mariboine & band made a lot of people v happy @KingsPlace tonight.” (Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3, UK) (Nov 11)

“Listening to one of Angola’s new talents, singer-songwriter Aline Frazão, at her London première at Stockwell’s The Lost Theatre has been both a surprise and a great pleasure. Not completely sure what I was going to find, Aline’s powerful and beautiful voice captivated me from the first a capella song. (…) Frazão’s voice is truly extraordinary and she shows an astonishing flexibility of registers and nuances. She has no problem to fill the venue, and with her strong stage presence and enigmatic smile she soon wins the audience, composed of mainly Angolan, but also British and Spanish people, over. (…) It is not until the end of the second encore that people are ready to stop clapping and accept that the concert is over. The memory of Aline’s voice resonating is still present while the venue gets slowly empty. She loves live music and prefers singing live than recording and mixing songs, and she has demonstrated it with a simple yet powerful acoustic set and her energetic yet subtle vocals.” (Violeta Ruano, Music Traveller, UK) (Nov 11)

“Mari Boine was AWESOME! Thank you!” (Irina Shiretorova, UK) (Nov 11)

“Norwegian folk singer Mari Boine – a sparkling performance at @KingsPlace on Friday night for @LIFEM” (Tim Ferguson, UK) (Nov 11)

“A really entertaining performance by the fabulously lively Warsaw Village Band. The music was rich and was spiced with charismatic banter; even by the end of the first piece we felt like family!” (Vanessa Champion, UK) (Nov 11)

“This was Maria Raducanu, from Romania, superbly rich shape to her voice. She sang lots of Romanian offbeat, cross rhythm numbers, using her voice like a vocal tool to pierce and punctuate the bass and drums… so beautiful, like whales and dolphins at some points…” (Vanessa Champion, UK) (Nov 11)

“Congratulations for Maria Raducanu’s event and for the Festival as a whole! I know that a festival of these dimensions consists of tones of hard work and a lot of dedication…” (Roxana Gibescu, Romanian Cultural Institute, UK) (Nov 11)

“Looking forward to the charismatic #mariboine @KingsPlace tonight for @LIFEM” (Fiona Talkington, BBC Radio 3, UK) (Nov 11)

“Huong Thanh at @KingsPlace last night as part of @LIFEM was yet another treat and another new fantastic venue for me. Mari Boine tonight! :)” (WanderingDynamo, UK) (Nov 11)

“A brilliant few days lined up” (Kings Place, UK) (Nov 11)

“@DASHARTS welcomes back by popular demand the Seeds of Creation tonight at 7pm FREE! Part of @LIFEM” (Rich Mix, UK) (Nov 11)

“Great @LIFEM show last nite at @RichMixLondon with Namgar & Silk&Bamboo Ensemble. Was my first time at the venue & its a wonderful place :)” (WanderingDynamo, UK) (Nov 11)

“Can’t wait to see Namgar & Silk And Bamboo Ensemble take our stage tonight! Part of @LIFEM a night not to be missed” (Rich Mix, UK) (Nov 11)

“I really enjoyed the Estonian concerts, especially the Free Tallin Trio.” (Francois Carrier, UK) (Nov 11)

“Congratulations. Gets better each year.” (David McLoughlin, Brasil Music Exchange, Brazil) (Oct 11)

“What a line-up!” (Ailís Ní Ríain, UK) (Oct 11)

“You have absolutely great programme for the festival!” (Reet Remmel, Estonian Embassy, UK) (Oct 11)

“Great Line-Up – would love to attend.” (Nina Hallmann, Germany) (Oct 11)

“Your plans for LIFEM look very impressive. I really hope things go well.” (Simon Broughton, Songlines, UK) (Oct 11)

“Fascinating line-up!” (Marju Kask, Jazzkaar Festival, Estonia) (Oct 11)

“That sounds like a pretty wonderful festival!” (Lev Zhurbin, USA) (Oct 11)

“I also wanted to congratulate you on another fine LIFEM to come. I will surely be attending as many as possible!” (Helen Frosi, SoundFjord, UK) (Oct 11)

“I am impressed by this extraordinary effort to unite and educate through music. I will pass on the information to friends and relatives who live in London.” (Abdul Jabbar, USA) (Oct 11)

“Tremendous choices, we can feel each musician will guide us into different paths and experiences. Thanks again, it’s really worth it.” (Ana Riscado, Portugal) (Oct 11)

“The depth and richness of that eclecticism have deepened.” (The Journal of Music, Republic of Ireland) (Oct 11)

“Great programme for the upcoming LIFEM.” (The Journal of Music, Republic of Ireland) (Oct 11)

“Impressionante o cartaz do LIFEM deste ano. Descobrindo músicas da Sibéria, do Tibete, da Noruega, Vietnam, Polónia, Roménia… Cada sonoridade mais bonita!” (Aline Frazão, Angola/Spain) (Oct 11)

“A truly exciting line-up.” (World Music Network, UK) (Oct 11)

“From soul-searching Portuguese fado to the yoiks of the Sami, from the lyrical songs of Vietnam to the music of the nomadic Kyrgyzstan people, from Romanian jazz to the Warsaw Village Band, the London International Festival of Exploratory Music embraces a cornucopia of rich traditions, from distinguished artists rarely heard in the UK.” (Kings Place magazine, UK) (Sep 11)

“A rich mix of cultures, from cutting-edge Polish folk to delicate Vietnamese songs, fado from Portugal to a Sami legend.” (Kings Place magazine, UK) (Sep 11)

“Just got the announcement for the upcoming LIFEM which reads amazing, congrats for your great choices” (Philippe Petit, France) (Sep 11)

“I am very impressed with the program this year! Will follow with interest the festival in search of new discoveries for the Bulgarian scene and especially for our festival.” (Pepa Peneva, July Jazz, Bulgaria) (Sep 11)

“LIFEM (London International Festival of Exploratory Music) kicks off in late October, bringing a boundary-busting array of artists from all over the world. The programme features all kinds of sounds in various venues across London and the emphasis is on exploration, by the audience and the artists who play jazz, electronica, experimental and world music, in creative, unexpected combinations.” (Mondomix) (Sep 11)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) 2011 spans four venues from October 29-November 7, offering the most adventurous of musical spirits an epic trek around the four corners of the world. This year’s festival is arrayed between the shiny new Kings Place, eclectic arts venue Rich Mix and uber-trendy Cafe Oto in East London and Wandsworth’s Lost Theatre. The festival features new Portuguese fado from Claudia Aurora, Vietnamese Cai Luong (theatre music) song from Huong Thanh, Poland’s Warsaw Village Band and the Siberia’s Namgar, the Sami song of Mari Boine and Jamaican reggae from Misty in Roots. This only scratches the surface of a list of artists spanning China to Angola, Estonia to Brazil.” (Songlines Magazine Oct 11 issue, UK) (Sep 11)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music offers the most adventurous of musical spirits an epic trek around the four corners of the world.” (Songlines Magazine Podcast 79, UK) (Sep 11)

“Great work on the line-up for your festival, getting bigger!” (Vinod Gadher, UK) (Sep 11)

“I’m truly glad that this sort of festival exists in the UK!” (Jovana Backovic, UK) (Sep 11)

“Impressive line-up!” (Cecile Communal, French Bureauexport London, UK) (Aug 11)

“Your festival sounds so marvellous!” (Dr Domenico de Clario, Australia) (Aug 11)

“You got a very nice program, my compliments!” (Michael Mandl, Germany) (Aug 11)

“Congratulations to such a big and variety LIFEM music festival!” (Branco Stoysin, Sun Recordings, UK) (Aug 11)

“Some interesting things you are putting on, well done!” (Oren Marshall, UK) (Aug 11)

“Excellent job! I hope to play for you one day…” (Fast Forward, USA) (Aug 11)

“Congratulations for LIFEM 2011’s programme, very good, makes me dream about being there. Maybe next year?” (Catherine Schlup, Ifelaya, Brazil) (Aug 11)

“Very cool” (Shain Shapiro, Canadian Independent Music Association, Canada/UK) (Aug 11)

“Well done folks, great festival!” (Adrian McNally, The Unthanks, UK) (Aug 11)

“Congrats, beautiful curatorial of the program… :)” (Dejan Vujinovic, EtnoFest, Serbia) (Aug 11)

“I love the festival’s concept!” (Thibault Renard, UK) (Aug 11)

“Congrats on the programme!” (Martin Bricelj Baraga, MoTA- Museum of Transitory Art, Slovenia) (Aug 11)

“Now that flights will be easy from Skopje to London, I may actually be able to attend some of these incredible events!” (Rudy Carrera, USA/Macedonia) (Aug 11)

“I couldn’t miss it for the world!” (Paula Moio, UK) (Aug 11)

“Great festival, would like to present my group for next year!” (Ernst, Afghanistan) (Aug 11)

“Superb line-up!” (Helen Sildna, Musiccase/Tallinn Music Week, Estonia) (Aug 11)

“Muito bom!” (Luiza Morandini, Casa do Núcleo, Brazil) (Jul 11)

“Sempre muito bom!” (David McLoughlin, BM&A, Brazil) (Jul 11)

“Brilliant Line up!” (Christian Brideson, UK) (Jul 11)

“London International Festival of Exploratory Music embraces a cornucopia of rich traditions, from distinguished artists rarely heard in the UK.” (Kings Place) (Jul 11)

“Exquisite!” (Tim Ferguson, UK) (Nov 10)

“What an amazing week, thank you very much. Great music and great audience. I am so pleased that you have pulled it off, this is exactly where I would like to see Kings Place going as part of our broad programming mix.” (Peter Millican, Kings Place, UK) (Nov 10)

“It was a very good programme and I applaud your courage and discrimination in putting it on” (Gavin Bryars, UK) (Nov 10)

“The festival was great!” (Luiza Morandini, UK) (Nov 10)

“The musicianship on show at tonight’s performance was second to none, the ensemble demonstrating a genuine understanding and affection for the works they perform and remaining thoroughly absorbing from beginning to end, providing a unifying thread over an astonishing range of forms. A beautiful finale to the week long London International Festival of Exploratory Music that has taken in performances from Terry Riley, Gavin Bryars and many many more, I for one am looking forward to next year already.” (Katie English, Fluid Radio, UK) (Nov 10)

“Thank you for yesterday, it was so well organised and everyone involved really enjoyed the concert” (Laura Lillepruun, UK) (Nov 10)

“Thanks for a very lovely evening yesterday. Great space, music and performance!” (Iris Garrelfs, UK) (Nov 10)

“Amazing concert! Thank you…” (Oliver Fay, Resonance FM, UK) (Nov 10)

“Hortus Musicus provided a wondrous finale to @LIFEM. Remarkable performance at St Etheldreda’s Church of Arvo Pärt + more” (Ben V, SHOOK Magazine, UK) (Nov 10)

“Hortus Musicus at St Etheldreda’s was fantastic!” (Tim Ferguson, UK) (Nov 10)

“I really enjoyed the Hortus Musicus concert, as did my mother, who has been visiting. Though I expected a more contemporary programme, we were both delighted by the geographic and temporal range of the programme and by the form that it took.” (Alex MacSween, Canada) (Nov 10)

“Thoroughly enjoyed Gavin Bryars’ music last night @KingsPlace @LIFEM performed by his ensemble. Gorgeous and understated.” (Fung Lam, UK) (Nov 10)

“Pianist Benjamin Taubkin is superb tonight @KingsPlace. Personal favourite performance @LIFEM” (Tim Ferguson, UK) (Nov 10)

“Head to King’s Place @ 8pm for the penultimate gig of the vibrant LIFEM Festival: Brazilian pianist Benjamim Taubkin” (JungleDrums Magazine, UK) (Nov 10)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) continues its musical journey with exciting exploratory sounds from all over the world.” (Tallinn Music Week, Estonia) (Nov 10)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music – held at King’s Place and now in its second year – has managed in each of its iterations to provide coherent and artistically interesting programmes. I managed to catch two of this year’s 7 concerts, and I’m still rueful over missing what from all accounts was a stunning Terry Riley gig at the festival’s head.” (Stephen Graham,, UK) (Nov 10)

“Another amazing night with such audience appreciative audience.” (Michael Green, Kings Place, UK) (Nov 10)

“It was amazing!” (Brandon, CerysmaticFactory, UK) (Nov 10)

“This was Wim Mertens’s first proper UK appearance and the fans turned out in force with Hall One very nearly full for this concert as part of the London International Festival of Exploratory Music.” (CerysmaticFactory, UK) (Nov 10)

“Wim Mertens played a stunning 90 minute set plus encores at a very nearly packed out Kings Place in London tonight.” (CerysmaticFactory, UK) (Nov 10)

“He had certainly ‘maximized the audience’ tonight and it is surely only a matter of time before this unassuming Belgian is invited back, perhaps to the South Bank next year. We can’t wait 30 years. Not again.” (Paul Pledger,, UK) (Nov 10)

“At the evening’s close the trio were given an appreciative and warmly felt ovation” (Tim Owen, The Jazz Mann, UK) (Nov 10)

“Jazz breaking news: Captivating Minimalism, Ragas And Spiritual Jazz From Terry Riley, George Brooks And Talvin Singh” (Stephen Graham, Jazzwise magazine, UK) (Nov 10)

“I just wanted to write a quick message to say well done for last night, full house!” (Kate Goodale, Asian Music Circuit, UK) (Nov 10)

“I must say that it was an incredible night of music” (Michael Green, Kings Place, UK) (Nov 10)

“London’s Kings Place pushes the aural boundaries from November 1-7 with the
 London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) 2010” (Songlines, UK) (Oct 10)

“So many good events happening on your side of the ocean, very jealous!” (Gein Wong, Canada) (Oct 10)

“Now I want to be there even more!!” (Mary Morrison, USA) (Oct 10)

“Once again, LIFEM’s innovative programming provides a series of events offering something familiar as well as the chance to discover something new” (Kultureflash, UK) (Oct 10)

“This is so beautiful! I will have to look at how to get to work the next morning – or how to get home that night!” (Michele Francis, UK) (Oct 10)

“WOWWEE – sublime stuff! I miss so much good music, but really want to make an effort to get to London for this. I owe it to myself! How wonderfully beautiful it sounds! The space… warning purple prose – like looking up into ancient forest canopy soaring away above your head… you put on some brilliant people Miguel!” (Michele Francis, UK) (Oct 10)

“Best wishes for the preparation for LIFEM, I’m sure audiences will appreciate such quality programming!” (Ben V, SHOOK Magazine, UK) (Oct 10)

“Looks Good” (Glenn Max, UK) (Oct 10)

“Cool! kudos!” (Ernesto Diaz-Infante, USA) (Oct 10)

“congrats, that is one incredible fest you got going” (z’ev, UK) (Sep 10)

“Sounds wonderful!!!” (Joyce Hinton, Chan Centre for the Performing Arts, Canada) (Sep 10)

“Congratulations for the LIFEM lineup! It’s really great, makes us want to come to London for some shows!” (Daniele Paletta, Italy) (Sep 10)

“Wow! Fantastic line-up!” (Leon Moraglia, Norway) (Sep 10)

“Parabéns pelo Festival!” (Mauricio Marques, Portugal) (Sep 10)

“Great looking music festival with some great artists lined up” (Band On The Wall, UK) (Aug 10)

“Wishing that I were in London to experience such a cool festival” (T.I. Reid, USA) (Jul 10)

“The festival sounds terrific!” (Richard Kingdom, Bluecoat, UK) (Jul 10)

“Fab line-up” (Tim Ferguson, UK) (Jul 10)

“Nice work” (Glenn Max, Southbank Centre, UK) (Jul 10)

“Wow this sounds like a fantastic line up! Looking forward to it a lot!” (Jenni Roditi, composer, UK) (Jul 10)

“That’s a great line up, congratulations” (Tony Herrington, publisher, The Wire, UK) (Jun 10)

“Magnificent! I hope one day that my group can play there too…” (Brigitte Fessmann) (Mar 10)

“Fabulous! I hope one day we can play there too…” (Joao Costa Menezes) (Mar 10)

“I love the vibrancy and energy of this!” (Liza LaCasse, USA) (Dec 09)

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) seeks out music with a ‘proactive’ attitude. Its programmes spread out across genres; this year alone the artists were as diverse as DJ Scotch Egg and sean-nós singer Lorcán Mac Mathúna. The festival’s name places it in sympathy with the model of experimental music, but it has a wider perspective and offers something fresh to audiences.” (Stephen Graham, The Journal of Music, Ireland) (Dec 09)

“Thanks for putting on such a great and open-minded festival!” (Daryl Shawn, musician, USA) (Dec 09)

“An interesting and original festival project” (Jiri Smrcek, Colours of Ostrava, Czech Republic) (Dec 09)

“Great, intriguing programming throughout” (Stephen Lyons, musician, Canada) (Dec 09)

“I wish we can have this music in my country” (Coco Chau, China) (Nov 09)

“Kudos!” (Ernesto Diaz-Infante, musician, USA) (Nov 09)

“Forget all you know about Brazilian music. Bossa Nova and Samba? Naahh, they are all old news, now it is all about blending. What would you get from mixing funk, samba, hip hop with rock? How about the fusion of indie, rock, bossa nova and jazz? Some might even think about electro-funk and pop funk? Got curious? Excited? The London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) is the answer to all your “music prayers” as it will present to the public this and many more, from 4 to 7 November, at the Kings Place. In its first edition, LIFEM has already became a must-go event for those who are passionate about (GOOD) music, as it is a great and unique opportunity to expand music knowledge as well as have a taste of what is happening on the international music scene. So, do not miss out on this one and only chance to see great acts from all over the globe; as some of them are unknown to the UK public, this might not have been possible if not for this Festival.” (Milenna Pessoa, An Insider View from Outside, UK) (Nov 09)

“Many great gigs over four days at the London International Festival of Exploratory Music” (Time Out, UK) (Nov 09)

“I like the modern way those old songs are played” (Bettina Wagner, on Cukunft’s performance at LIFEM, Germany) (Nov 09)

“Pure madness… unusual music experience – thanks! Such talented guys…” (blowupLondon, on Cukunft’s performance at LIFEM, Poland) (Nov 09)

“An interesting selection! I hope that you were satisfied with the response. You certainly go for an adventurous programme!” (Ben Mandelson, musician, UK) (Nov 09)

“I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful performance at Kings Place this evening.  I really enjoyed it – it made my birthday!! It’s been ages since I heard old songs sung so beautifully – it took me back to sitting and listening to my grandparents generation singing in the early hours of the morning after a good night in the pub or at the end of a wedding!!  Happy times…….but sore heads….” (Caroline Walsh, on Lorcán Mac Mathuna’s performance at LIFEM, UK) (Nov 09)

“That was quite extraordinary and moving tonight ♥♥♥ thank you Tanya! I so much wanted to join in!” (Tim Johnson, on Tanya Tagaq’s performance at LIFEM, UK) (Nov 09)

“Thank you for a truly amazing, transcending and powerful performance at King’s Place tonight!” (Thierry Alexandre, on Tanya Tagaq’s performance at LIFEM, UK) (Nov 09)

“Thanks for a great festival, great venue and a great lineup.  Do you have a subscribers email list?  If so can you please add me so I don’t forget about next year!  Thanks” (Andrew Shackleton, UK) (Nov 09)

“A window into the work of a collection of innovative artists and a good place to expand your listening horizon” (Jeffrey Callen, SF International Music Examiner, USA) (Nov 09)

“The program is eclectic and far-reaching” (Jeffrey Callen, SF International Music Examiner, USA) (Nov 09)

“A very cool music festival in London is stretching the boundaries of musical stereotypes and hopefully helping us all leave behind the outdated concept of ‘world music'” (Jeffrey Callen, SF International Music Examiner, USA) (Nov 09)

“Sad I can not go to this very special music festival in London this year … in case you happen to be near – go for it!” (Bettina Wagner, Germany) (Nov 09)

“Nothing tried, nothing gained: experimental music reaches London” (Jungle Drums Online, UK) (Nov 09)

“A festival for exploring less common themes to do with experimentation and music with a difference, from around the world” (, UK) (Nov 09)

“Hit the right note with the London International Festival of Exploratory Music which showcases music from across the globe” (Islington  Gazette, UK) (Nov 09)

“Critic’s Choice” (Time Out, UK) (Nov 09)

“Ear-stretching sounds from around the globe” (John Bungey, The Times, UK) (Nov 09)

“Ten best gigs” (Tim Cumming, The Independent, UK) (Nov 09)

“A new world of music congregates under one roof for this inaugural UK festival” (Tim Cumming, The Independent, UK) (Nov 09)

“(LIFEM) reveals and promotes the latest news, styles and trends of the international music scene” (Milenna Pessoa, Brazilian News, UK) (Nov 09)

“Host of international artists exploring everything from UK minimalist avant chamber pop, Inuk snow songs, ice folk and throat singing, to exotic electro Latin sounds and Japanese electronica, along with screenings and talks. The furiously eclectic event is as strange a meeting of minds as you’re likely to get  – Ipecac’s Tanya Tagaq goes head to head with DJ Scotch Egg, Jenni Roditti, Midori Hirano and many, many more names spanning four continents, bringing an entirely new meaning to the phrase ‘world music’. Make sure you get your tix now!” (Rock-A-Rolla, UK) (Oct 09)

“Great line-up … exploratory music INDEED!” (Samuel Aubert, Les Siestes Electroniques Festival, France) (Oct 09)

“Unique artists” (Songlines, UK) (Oct 09)

“Want to hear something different? You might find what you’re looking for at the London International Festival of Exploratory Music at London’s Kings Place from November 4-7. It might be concerts by Greenlandic Inuk Nive Nielsen and Canadian Inuit Tanya Tagaq. Perhaps the UK premiere of Irish sean nós singer Lorcán Mac Mathúna. Maybe you fancy the sexy Latin punk-pop of Madame Mim, or the ethereal Japanese soundscapes of Midori Hirano. Whatever it is, from Chinese indie to Sephardic roots, there’s plenty to explore.” (Songlines, UK) (Oct 09)

“Explore the world – New festival of exploratory music is unveiled at London’s Kings Place” (Songlines, UK) (Oct 09)

“LIFEM has curated evenings which bring together a selection of artists from shared continents to reveal the commonality and differences between them” (World Music Central, USA) (Oct 09)

“LIFEM has exploited the incredible potential of the world-wide-web to seek the most exciting finds from the far East, the middle East, the Arctic Circle, south America and East and West Europe” (World Music Central, USA) (Oct 09)

“Innovative musicians from around the world” (World Music Central, USA) (Oct 09)

“I am in love with what you are doing here” (Vikki Horowitz, Museek Management, USA) (Oct 09)

“Congratulations for the concept of exploratory music” (Julian Sanz, Discos Necesarios, Spain) (Oct 09)

“More reasons for that weekend trip to London” (Bettina Wagner, Germany) (Oct 09)

“Would be a great weekend in London – extravagant music…” (Bettina Wagner, Germany) (Oct 09)

“LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music … sounds great!” (Bettina Wagner, Germany) (Oct 09)

“For the musicians, the festival is a great opportunity to attract new audiences not yet familiar with their sounds” (Carol Morandini, Jungle Drums Magazine, UK) (Oct 09)

“A spanking new festival” (Carol Morandini, Jungle Drums Magazine, UK) (Oct 09)

“Time to explore: LIFEM brings a bit of attitude to London’s busy musical scene” (Carol Morandini, Jungle Drums Magazine, UK) (Oct 09)

“LIFEM – daring musicality in London” (Jungle Drums Online, UK) (Oct 09)

“LIFEM brings a musical labyrinth to London next month” (Jungle Drums Online, UK) (Oct 09)

“The LIFEM fest in London looks like a totally amazing collection of people” (Ann McLean, Topology, Australia) (Oct 09)

“I am excited by the lineup for this event.  In many respects it reflects the theme we wish to achieve with The World in Winter” (Mary Finnigan, The World in Winter Festival, UK) (Oct 09)

“Host to innovative musicians from around the globe” (Damian Rafferty, Fly Global Music Culture, UK) (Oct 09)

“Alongside this whirlwind tour of global music, LIFEM also presents a free programme of award-winning short films making their UK debut” (Damian Rafferty, Fly Global Music Culture, UK) (Oct 09)

“LIFEM has curated evenings which bring together a selection of artists from shared continents to reveal the commonality and differences between them” (Damian Rafferty, Fly Global Music Culture, UK) (Oct 09)

“It must be a great festival!!!” (Francisco Castellanos, Ecuador) (Oct 09)

“Throat singing has a certain primeval aspect to it that you don’t find often in modern music. Tanya takes this traditional Inuit technique and mixes it with modern instruments to create music that is gripping and unusual. I’ll say this is a must-see.” (Vault:21 on Tanya Tagaq, UK) (Sep 09)

“Artists that you wouldn’t normally find making the London gig circuit” (Vault:21, UK) (Sep 09)

“A really good excuse for a trip to London, I was waiting for this” (Petr Dorůžka, radio/press journalist, Czech Republic) (Aug 09)

“Wow will surely tune in :)” (Chandrani Banerjee, singer/songwriter, India) (Aug 09)

“Sounds promising!” (John Duncan, sound artist, USA) (Aug 09)

“This looks like a blast. We’ll tell all our friends about it.” ( (Jul 09)

“Amazing Stuff” (Billy Jenkins, musician, UK) (Jul 09)

“Sounds ace” (Seaming To, singer, UK) (Jul 09)

“Congratulations!!! Your festival looks amazing. Well done!” (Stefan Pishta, Pishter, UK) (Jul 09)

“Congratulations, the programme is everything but obvious! I am pulling for it!” (Rafael Toral, musician, Portugal) (Jul 09)

“Wonderful stuff” (Karl Mullen, Poulaphuca Music, USA) (Jul 09)

“I really like your program and approach. I think it’s worthwhile for me to come and visit your festival.” (Godfried Verstegen, Festival De-Affaire, Netherlands) (Jul 09)

“A really nice and wide selection” (Santiago Latorre, musician, Spain) (Jun 09)

“Very amazing program, wide range (Inuk, Klezmer!!) and high artistic quality, I am sure it’s gonna be a success” (Franck Stofer, Sonore, Japan) (Jun 09)

“Fabulous!” (Junko Takekawa, The Japan Foundation, UK) (Jun 09)

“This looks very exciting!” (Jenni Roditi, singer and composer, UK) (Jun 09)

“Been puzzling over this” (Ian Anderson, fRoots, UK) (Jun 09)

“Experimental and exploratory” (Paul Geoghegan, Songlines, UK) (Jun 09)