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LIFEM on Songlines


Tsuumi Sound System reviewed on Songlines


LIFEM on Songlines magazine


LIFEM on Songlines magazine


LIFEM on Arctic Paradise


LIFEM on Folk Union


LIFEM on Music Finland

130906 LIFEM in Music Finland 1130906 LIFEM in Music Finland 2130906 LIFEM in Music Finland 3

LIFEM on Music Finland

130906 Music Finland

LIFEM on Horisontti


LIFEM on Songlines blog

130905 LIFEM on Songlines blog 1130905 LIFEM on Songlines blog 2130905 LIFEM on Songlines blog 3130905 LIFEM on Songlines blog 4

LIFEM on Finn-Guild

130829 Finn-Guild newsletter 1130829 Finn-Guild newsletter 2130829 Finn-Guild newsletter 3130829 Finn-Guild newsletter 4130829 Finn-Guild newsletter 5

LIFEM 2013 ad


LIFEM on The Wire


LIFEM on The Wire


LIFEM on Kings Place


LIFEM on The Wire

130708 The Wire

LIFEM on Finn-Guild

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 23.45.55Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 23.44.49

LIFEM on Good News From Finland

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 11.02.34Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 11.01.37

LIFEM on Music Finland

130722 Music Finland 1130722 Music Finland 2130722 Music Finland 3130722 Music Finland 4

LIFEM on Embassy of Finland

130722 LIFEM on Embassy of Finland 1130722 LIFEM on Embassy of Finland 2

LIFEM on Horisontti

130628 Horisontti 1130628 Horisontti 2

LIFEM on Turun Sanomat

130627 Turun Sanomat

LIFEM on Iltalehti

130627 Iltalehti

LIFEM on The Journal of Music

130626 The Journal of Music 1130626 The Journal of Music 2130626 The Journal of Music 3130626 The Journal of Music 4

LIFEM on Music Finland

130625 Music Finland 1
130625 Music Finland 2
130625 Music Finland 3
130625 Music Finland 4
130625 Music Finland 5

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