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LIFEM on Kings Place

Kings Place giant poster


131015 1131015 2

LIFEM on Scan Magazine

131015 Scan Magazine 1131015 Scan Magazine 2

Iiro Rantala video interview


LIFEM on Music Finland

131014 Music Finland 5131014 Music Finland 6131014 Music Finland 7131014 Music Finland 8

LIFEM on Kings Place


LIFEM on Full Moon Magazine (Czech Republic)

131013 Full Moon Magazine 1131013 Full Moon Magazine 2131013 Full Moon Magazine 3

LIFEM on Music Finland


LIFEM on Kings Place


LIFEM on World Music Central

131005 World Music Central 1131005 World Music Central 2

LIFEM on Music Finland

131005 Music Finland 1.1

LIFEM on Music Finland

131005 Music Finland 1.5131005 Music Finland 2131005 Music Finland 3131005 Music Finland 4

LIFEM on Music Finland

131005 Music Finland 1

LIFEM on London Calling


LIFEM on Songlines

131002 LIFEM on Songlines 1131002 LIFEM on Songlines 2

LIFEM on Songlines

130927 LIFEM on Songlines

LIFEM on Jazz In Europe

130926 Jazz In Europe 1130926 Jazz In Europe 2130926 Jazz In Europe 3130926 Jazz In Europe 4130926 Jazz In Europe 5130926 Jazz In Europe 6130926 Jazz In Europe 7130926 Jazz In Europe 8

Pekko Käppi review on fRoots


LIFEM on fRoots


LIFEM on Finnish Culture Events


LIFEM on The Wire


LIFEM on Resonance FM


LIFEM on eFestivals

130913 LIFEM on eFestivals 1130913 LIFEM on eFestivals 2

LIFEM on World Music Central

130913 LIFEM on World Music Central 1130913 LIFEM on World Music Central 2130913 LIFEM on World Music Central 3

LIFEM on FindLaw

130913 LIFEM on FindLaw 1130913 LIFEM on FindLaw 2

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