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LIFEM on Resonance FM

131004 LIFEM on Resonance FM

LIFEM on Resonance FM

Miguel Santos and LIFEM on Resonance FM

Kimmo Pohjonen interview

Kimmo Pohjonen’s Soundbreaker documentary will be exclusively shown on 31 Oct 13 at Kings Place, as part of LIFEM: London International Festival of Exploratory Music.

Breaking the rules, tampering with the bellows, adding electronic devices, sampling noises of animals and earth machines, he pushes sound to its extremes and shatters everything you know about the accordion. Kimmo Koskela tells the story with sparse words. His creative approach and breathtaking images give a deep understanding of the inner struggle of this exceptional artist and convey the spirit and feelings of a Scandinavian country. Music composed and performed by Kimmo Pohjonen, with Samuli Kosminen, Timo Kämäräinen, Sami Kuoppamäki, Trey Gunn & Pat Mastelotto (King Crimson) and Kronos Quartet.


Full LIFEM 2013 programme:
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LIFEM FM on Resonance FM

Listen to LIFEM FM show on Resonance 104.4fm on Fridays, 5-5:30pm. Starting this coming Friday. You will be able to listen music by and interviews with Värttinä, Kimmo Pohjonen, Jimi Tenor, Maria Kalaniemi, Timo Alakotila, Karen Tweed, Alamaailman Vasarat, Pekko Käppi, Tsuumi Sound System, Iiro Rantala… and there will be some surprises too…

131002 LIFEM on Resonance FM

LIFEM on Resonance FM

131002 LIFEM on Resonance FM

LIFEM on Songlines magazine


LIFEM on Folk Union


LIFEM on Arctic Paradise

130907 LIFEM on Arctic Paradise 1130907 LIFEM on Arctic Paradise 2

LIFEM on Music Finland

130906 Music Finland

LIFEM 2013 Festival EP

LIFEM 2013 Festival EP

LIFEM presents a free EP featuring 8 tracks hand picked by 8 artists appearing at the 2013 LIFEM festival including an exclusive, un-issued Jimi Tenor song from his forthcoming album. The EP is FREE to download from

LIFEM 2013 ad


LIFEM on Kings Place

130722 Kings Place Turns Five130722 Kings Place emailing

LIFEM on The Journal of Music

130626 The Journal of Music 1130626 The Journal of Music 2130626 The Journal of Music 3130626 The Journal of Music 4

LIFEM on Music Finland

130625 Music Finland 1
130625 Music Finland 2
130625 Music Finland 3
130625 Music Finland 4
130625 Music Finland 5

LIFEM on Songlines Twitter

Angola, Mozambique and Portugal at LIFEM


LIFEM Facebook Page Summary

Here is this week’s summary for LIFEM Facebook Page:

more LIFEM at Estonian Embassy in London

LIFEM at Estonian Embassy in London

LIFEM on Mondomix

LIFEM on Songlines

LIFEM on Songlines Magazine Podcast

“The London International Festival of Exploratory Music spans four venues from October 29th to November 7th, offering the most adventurous of musical spirits an epic trek around the four corners of the world. This year’s festival is arrayed between the shiny new Kings Place, eclectic arts centre Rich Mix, and the uber trendy Cafe Oto, in north London, and Wandsworth’s Lost Theatre. The festival features new Portuguese fado from Claudia Aurora, Vietnamese Cai Luong – theatre music song – from Huong Thanh, Poland’s Warsaw Village Band, and Siberia’s Namgar. This only scratches the surface of the list of artists, spanning from China to Angola, Estonia to Brazil. And here is a world exclusive preview of ‘Primavera’ from Claudia Aurora debut’s album, ‘Silencio’.” (Songlines Magazine Podcast 79, released on 02 September 2011, including highlights from the October 2011 issue of Songlines magazine)

Pascal Comelade concert canceled

Due to a lack of funding this year it has been necessary to reduce the number of shows at the London International Festival of Exploratory Music. It is therefore with great regret that we have had to cancel Pascal Comelade’s performance on the 5th November. We apologise to fans of Pascal Comelade who have bought tickets for the show. Refunds can be got via Kings Place.

Arts Council England says “NO” to LIFEM

Just got the very disappointing news that Arts Council England is not supporting this year’s edition of the London International Festival of Exploratory Music… depressing…

Arts Council England says: “Sustain is our response to the impact of the recession on arts organisations whose sustainability is important in delivering our mission of great art for everyone.” Shall we learn, understand, accept or respect that the kind of artists who play at LIFEM do not do “great art for everyone”? Is X-Factor the answer for what is “great art for everyone”? Sustainability, really?

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