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London International Festival of Exploratory Music (LIFEM) is a festival of inspiring and boundary-expanding music explorations committed to the exciting world of life and music of all sorts of genres and origins. Aiming to surprise, enrich, enlighten and empower audiences, LIFEM challenges musical boundaries by programming ground-breaking exploratory music from all corners of the world. It is a catalyst for change, showcasing excellence and excitement, instigating international collaborations and experimentation, enthusing interculturalism and knowledge sharing. Expect innovative and inspiring music from all over the world.

Explore (verb): to search and discover (about something)
Exploratory (adjective): in order to discover more about something

Exploratory Music: term coined by Miguel Santos back in 2000 when he started the famous Exploratory Music From Portugal CD series (distributed with magazines such as The Wire and Songlines) as well as when he started the festival Atlantic Waves, Exploratory Music From Portugal. At the time, most people questioned what was Exploratory Music. These days it is a common jargon, used either by Poles (Exploratory Music From Poland 01, CD distributed by The Wire in May 2009), Australians (Melbourne Biennale of Exploratory Music 2008, Articulating Space Festival of Exploratory Music 2009, Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music 2013), Canadians (Mutek 2009) or Portuguese (Out Festival 2009).

Exploratory music is simply music from out there that we are not familiar with here. Music that is challenging, interesting, different. It promotes creativity in all genres and forms. It is a starting point, not an arrival one. It is more an attitude than a musical genre, a different way of experiencing music, a pro-active approach instead of a passive one. It is going out there, find out what is exciting and bring it back here and let everyone know about it.

This is definitely not your traditional jazz or world music festival. At LIFEM you will be surprised, excited, find out about music you have not seen and heard before.

LIFEM: Life with Music is so much more exciting!